System Equipment Manufacturer (SEM)

With the asset of multi-discipline engineers, SATECH is able to supply to most of your system packaging needs in the following fields:

  1. 1) Pneumatic / Hydraulic Controls
  2. 2) Chemical Injection
  3. 3) PLC & SCADA System
  4. 4) Fire & Gas Safety
  5. 5) Process System
  6. 6) Oil & Water Filtration
  7. 7) Analytical & Sampling


“When it comes to Integrated System Engineering and System Equipment Manufacturing, Satech will be your best choice.”
As a specialized ISE and SEM, Satech is able to provide a one-stop solution for all your system equipment needs.
Our project managers and engineers are committed to provide the best service to all our customer and working along with our customers to give suggestion and solution whenever there is any unforeseen obstacle that pops out during the project execution. Through this, we have gain many compliments from our customers on our relentless effort in giving our best support to resolve their problems.
In the execution, our team of engineers are train to work closely with our client’s in order to provide instant feedback on the project status and also giving full attention on the project being handled. Our concept is to be “like your in-house engineering team” giving 24/7 services and thus allowing the early detection and rectification of any issues which may arise so as to ensure the job is done well without any delays.

Quality is always our priority. Our inspectors and quality engineers are always on the lookout for details in stringency and checking each task’s completion time according to our Project Work Flow System and quality control as per our Quality Checklist so as to ensure a consistent quality achievement in both the engineering works and also the finish end products in a timely manner.
Satech objective is always clear to be the trusted and cost efficient Integrated System Engineering and System Equipment Manufacturing company. We are constantly updating ourselves on the latest technology available in the market so as to allow us to provide up-to-date solution to our customer’s needs.
With years of project engineering and equipment manufacturing experience has enabled Satech to develop a simple yet practical project management software that provides cross-project analysis of multiple projects and at the same time control every aspect of a project’s lifecycle, from planning stage to final deadline.
Satech strives to intensify its efforts to preserve its corporate fundamentals, by defining and enhancing its core business strengths. At the same time strategically positioning itself, to undertake potential growth opportunities and to improve the value of its business and customer base.