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  • Fire & Gas System
  • Skimmer Tank
  • Fusible Plug Loop System
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EagleControl Matic Series of Nitrogen Gas Units are your one-stop solution for Pressure Charging, High Pressure Testing, Gas Transferring, Gas Assist Injection Molder, Pressure Testing Piping & Equipment for leakage, Gas Scavenging, Line Flushing and Emptying of Bottles. Our Nitrogen Intensifier Units are the preferred choice in the Oil & Gas Industries for its durability, portability and user-friendliness.


EagleControl Matic Series of Wellhead Control Systems are the ultimate solution to your Demand of Technological Excellence. Synonymous to the art of Innovation, Reliability with Stringence in Quality and conforming to International Health, Safety and Environmental Standards, our Wellhead Control System has continuously proven to be the preferred choice in the Oil & Gas Industries for its reputation of incorporating Superior Engineering Design Capability with minimum cost and maximum productivity.


For a complete and reliable solution for your Chemical Injection needs, ACCUPAC will be your ideal choice. Incorporating a superior engineering design and constant effort in achieving excellence in quality yet minimizing the cost of manufacturing implies to a value for money product of choice. Accupac products have been successfully installed in many Offshore, Marine and Petrochemical locations and have shown proven performances throughout the years.


SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES Systems are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for industries, such as NFPA, Bureau Veritas, Norsok, American Bureau of Shipping, TÜV etc. With a strong understanding on the industrial standards, our range of products covers all your Fire & Gas application needs from simple Fire Alarm Panels, Address Fire Alarm Panels, Gas Detection Systems to PLC based SIL and Non-SIL certified Fire & Gas Detection Systems and Safety Integrated System with remote monitoring facilities.


CONTEQ is your answer to your PLC & SCADA Control System needs for the Oil & Gas Production Platform, Water Treatment Plant, Tin Refinery, Pulp & Paper Plant, etc. From simple PLC control to SIL 3 rated system with voting outputs and HMI interface, CONTEQ will be able to configured and programmed as required to satisfy to the process requirement.
To ensure CONTEQ panels are reliable and meeting to the highest quality standards, all supplied panels are subjected to stringent quality checks and detail functional testing including 72 hours endurance test to ensure there will be no failure when CONTEQ Panels are installed at site. CONTEQ Panels are available for all applications including certified panels suitable for operation in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous environments.


For a one stop turnkey solution to your process needs, PROCSYS will be your best choice. With a strong team of engineers in process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, PROCSYS process skids will be able to meet up to all your requirements and international standards needs.
From the simple Pig Launcher and manifold skids to multistage separation and filtration skids, PROCSYS will be able to fulfill to all your process requirements.


SUPERFIL range of Filtration Products is your solution to your Oil and Water Filtration needs. All products will undergo detail engineering sizing and testing to ensure the unit is able to satisfy to internationally recognized codes and standards. Build to be robust, durable and easily maintainable, it is the answer to your problem free filtration needs for Water and Oil media thereby increasing your plant’s productivity. With Standards and Quality conforming to International Health, Safety and Environmental Standards, you can rely on SUPERFIL to provide you with a quality and reliable product.


For specialized solutions for your analysis needs, ANAPAC will be your best choice provider.
Whether you are looking for oil / gas sampling, process control or emissions monitoring, ANAPAC will be able to provide to your needs.
Offering from small portable sampling system to large industrial analyzer houses, ANAPAC will be able to customize to your specific needs ensuring the samples can be conditioned to the correct state for proper measurement.
ANAPAC are also able to offer service and maintenance contracts, so that you can have total peace of mind that your equipment will be operating to its optimum capability.


TRITEC ATEX certified stainless steel enclosures are designed for both indoor and outdoor hazardous area application. Due to the stainless steel material of construction, these enclosures are most suitable for use in extreme harsh environment conditions and offshore application.
There are both lift-off cover and hinge door options available which both allows easy access to the internals. All TRITEC stainless steel enclosures are complete with a 4B hairline brushed finish to give a professional quality outlook. Bottom gland plate comes as standard and all round gland plates are also available as options.


E-Solar Tech is solar based technologies. With the Sun has sufficient helium mass to provide the Earth with energy for another 5 billion years, more and more technologies are evolving to use this inexhaustible source. Our products covered the Grid Tie Solar Panels, Solar Modules, Marine Solar Panels, etc.
With the increase in solar panel efficiency rates, our solar panels are now stronger in output and smaller in size than ever before. With solar battery systems becoming lighter and smaller in power requirement this gives E-Solar Tech the edge in providing light weight, cost efficient solar portable power systems for anyone's need
Other than our standard solar panel ranges, E-Solar Tech is also able to develop and customized solar panel that and not available in the market.


Services List

  • As part of our commitment to the industry to constantly improve our products and services, we are always getting feedback from the market and developing new technological products to drive us into the next century.

  • With our strong engineering background and an interest in advancing into the tomorrow world, we are able to collaborate with a UK valve manufacturer to develop new technological products that can operate flawlessly and also eliminate many of the current problems faced when utilizing the existing system that has been available for already more than a decade.

Unique Services

System Equipment Manufacturer (SEM)

Integrated System Engineering (ISE)